Reducing the risk, cost and time to deployment of new business systems

Change Program Explorer

Overview Businesses select among many proposals for transforming the way they do business.  The Change Program Explorer maintains knowledge of Programs and Projects that are proposed, selected, implemented, and completed.  This explorer also provides access to business objectives that drive programs and projects.  Tools are provided to identify and describe risks, and to relate them to change programs and projects.  The Explorer also provides capabilities to carry out business impact assessments for risk analysis.  The Change Explorer supports proposal selection decisions, and program operational decision manking.  

MS Project users can take advantage of neXus tools built into MS Project.  A neXus project template provides capabilities to link tasks and resources to neXus entities, and it enables users to open neXus tools from MS Project.  MS Project files can also be opened directly from the neXus.  






  • Select Change Programs for funding

  • Assess the business impact of change

  • Produce change specifications

  • Define program and project Competency Requirements

  • Define program and project deliverables



  • Project and Program Gantt Charts

  • Business process


  • Business transformation specifications

  • Program and Project Summaries

  • Program and Project Objectives and Tactics

  • Business Change  Impact Assessment

  • Change Proposal

  • Milestones

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