Reducing the risk, cost and time to deployment of new business systems

Competency Development Explorer

Overview Change programs by their nature demand that employees become aware of those changes.  In some cases the changes will be minor or perhaps not directly visible to the staff.  In others where, for instance, substantial changes are made to business processes it will be necessary to develop instructional materials to migrate the staff.  The neXus provides the knowledge necessary to carry out the analysis to determine who is effected and what competencies they will have to acquire to operate the new business processes.  The requirements for competencies can then be packaged into logical units based on the work.  The competency sets can then be aggregated into learning packages to act as requirements for the development of the learning systems. 

During learning system design the neXus provides the business process knowledge necessary to design the learning into the work environment.  In some cases learning can take place online on the job.  In others the constraints of the task may demand that learning take place off line.  In the online case variant work sequences will be designed to incorporate the learning process.  The knowledge of business operations retained in the neXus provides context for designing learning systems. 

Competency Sets

Learning Packages



  • Analyze learning system requirements

  • Design learning into business  processes

  • Collect related required competencies into competency sets

  • Define learning packages

  • Develop learning package requirements



  • Learning Package Map

  • Business process learning layer


  • Change program learning requirements

  • Learning package summary

  • Business process learning requirements

  • Curricula summary

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