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Equipment Explorer

Overview  The Equipment Explorer provides you with the capability to capture knowledge of the equipment your business uses.  You can inventory the tools and equipment used in facilities throughout your business.  Machine modeling supports the identification of types of machines, and makes it possible to identify and document individual machines.  Some inventories may only need to track the quantities of a particular type of machine.  The neXus provides for this alternative capture of information. 

Machine Type


Tool Type


  • Inventory types of machines used by organizations, and programs

  • Inventory individual machines by facility, organization, and programs

  • Analyze business process dependency on machines

  • Identify key types of tools used by facility, organization, and program

  • Inventory competencies required to operate machines and use tools



  • Floor plans

  • Business process equipment layer


  • Machines and tools by facility

  • Machines and tools by organization

  • Business Process Machine Dependency

  • Machines and tools by programs

  • Operator competency requirements

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