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Facilities Explorer

Overview Businesses usually occupy facilities that contain the tangible parts of a business including people, machines, computers.  These facilities may be located around the world in the case of companies operating globally.  The Facilities Explorer enables you to capture knowledge of your facilities, their locations, their occupants and purposes to which they are applied.  Facilities may be described in levels of detail from facilities containing many buildings to individual rooms. 






  • Inventory existing Facilities

  • Plan for new Facilities

  • Document organizations occupying facilities

  • Document people occupying facilities

  • Document utilization of facilities by business processes

  • Inventory machines occupying facilities

  • Document inventories occupying facilities

  • Document IT equipment occupying facilities



  • Maps

  • Floor plans
  • Business process facilities layer


  • Business Facilities Inventory

  • Organizational occupancy

  • Business process occupancy

  • Machines housed by facilities

  • IT equipment housed by facilities

  • Inventories housed by facilities

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