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Human Capital Explorer

Overview A business cannot exist without humans to provide direction and management.  The Human Capital Explorer identifies the human capital necessary for your business to operate.  Each role in the business requires specific competencies consisting of knowledge, skills and motivations.  Competencies are employed in the processes performed by the business.  Competencies range from those of the individual to the competencies of the business. The neXus enables you to to describe a hierarchy of competencies from the individual, through organizations, to a business, and finally to an enterprise consisting of many businesses.  Every business transformation project will, of necessity, at some time, consider the human component of the business system.  Such knowledge is especially important to analysis and implementation of mergers and acquisitions. 








  • Analyze competency requirements for business processes

  • Inventory business, organizational, and individual competencies

  • Define performance criteria for competencies

  • Identify knowledge required for competencies

  • Describe skills required for competencies

  • Establish traceability from personal motivation to organizational objectives

  • Analyze requirements for  eLearning systems



  • Knowledge map

  • Competency layer of business process diagram


  • Enterprise competency inventory

  • Business competency inventory

  • Organizational competency inventory

  • Personal competency inventory

  • Motivation traceability report

  • Personal skill inventory

  • Role competency requirements

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