Reducing the risk, cost and time to deployment of new business systems

IT Development Explorer

Overview Today much of the impetus for business transformation is coming from the introduction of the Internet and new information technologies.  The IT Development Explorer supports the analytical and design activities carried out by IT analysts and developers.  Diagrammatic notations such as those for object modeling and entity relationship modeling are supported by the neXus.  Requirements capture and management serves as a foundation for acquiring information technology.  The neXus provides unique connections from the IT Development world to business operations and objectives.  Through connections to business processes knowledge and competency dependencies are identified and managed.  These connections serve to align the organization across functional boundaries in reaching its objectives. 




Use Cases


UML System


  • Use Case Modeling

  • Object Modeling

  • Schema Development

  • Analyze Software Requirement

  • Manage Software Requirements

  • Allocate requirements to system and application software



  • Use case

  • Object Static Structure (various notations)
  • Entity Relationship (various notations)


  • Use case survey by business process, project, or application

  • Actor survey by business process, project, or application

  • Schema Summary

  • Software requirements by program, project, and application or system software

  • Software requirements by business processes and tasks

  • Business requirements traceability

  • Requirements by category

  • Software Requirements Specification

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