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Knowledge Explorer

Overview Businesses require knowledge to operate.  Much of it is contained in the minds of its employees.  Some of it is contained in information systems.  It flows through processes and among organizations.  The Knowledge Explorer provides for the description of knowledge and references and to the media that contain it.  Knowledge is represented as a hierarchy of domains, subjects, and topics.  Humans, publications, the world wide web and various other information systems may contain knowledge. Some knowledge may be stored in information systems.  The neXus enables you to identify the software that contains such knowledge. 






Subject Matter Experts


  • Map business, organization, and business process knowledge

  • Build glossaries  for organizations, programs, and projects

  • Map knowledge usage by business processes

  • Inventory IT systems managing knowledge

  • Allocate required knowledge to management systems

  • Analyze knowledge management system requirements

  • Identification of subject matter experts



  • Knowledge maps

  • Mind maps
  • Business process knowledge layer


  • Domain, subject and topic maps

  • Glossary

  • Program, project and business process knowledge requirements

  • Knowledge system content

  • Knowledge system content requirements

  • Subject matter experts for domains, subjects and topics

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