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Product Explorer

Overview The Product Explorer provides you with the tools you need to describe your products, how they are built, where their constituent components came from, who buys them, where they are build, and in which inventories they are kept.  Products are the items that are exchanged between customers and suppliers.  Usually the customer exchanges money for the product of the supplier business.  You you may describe the structure of your product in terms of its bill of materials, and you may describe the business processes by which those materials are turned into your products.  Products consist of other products, assemblies, parts, raw materials, supplies and information.  This Explorer also identifies the inventories where products, raw material, supplies, and work in progress are stored.



Bills of Material





Raw Materials






  • Identify and Describe Products by  Business

  • Define Bills of Materials

  • Identify Product Inventories

  • Categorize Products



  • Product Bill of Materials

  • Product Layer of Business Processes


  • Product Bill of Materials

  • Business Process product layer

  • Supplies, raw materials, parts, assemblies inventory content

  • Business process/task usage of supplies, raw materials, parts, assemblies inventory content


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