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Reference Explorer

Overview Knowledge is maintained in many different forms.  It may be contained only in a persons mind, or it may be contained in a document (electronic or other), or it may be contained in a complex electronic model (like the neXus and the things it references).  All entities within the neXus  knowledgebase may have references to other materials.  The neXus thus forms a framework or complex multi-dimensional index to the knowledge found in references. 

The References Explorer provides access to references by type (Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc.).  The Reference Explorer makes entities associated with the references are available to the user.  Electronic documents may be opened from Explorer if they are accessible on the host PC or across an attached LAN. 

Other types of references include subject matter experts (people), print publications, video and audio recordings. 



  • Find References and where they are used

  • Add references to the neXus


  • References of a selected type

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