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Software Inventory Explorer

Overview   The neXus enables you to identify the software applications, system software and key components that support your business processes.  It further allows you to capture the organizational usage of the software, the locations where the software is used, and the computers that host it.  In order to support business impact analysis key software components and their use by systems and application software may be documented.  This explorer also enables you to inventory knowledge and information managed by software.


System Software

SW Suites


Web Sites

Web Pages


  • Inventory software applications and components

  • Inventory system software

  • Inventory web sites

  • Capture web site structure

  • Establish business process, task, and organization dependency on software

  • Locate software usage in the business

  • Establish software dependency on infrastructure

  • Define competencies required by software

  • Inventory knowledge managed by software

  • Inventory information managed by software


  • Software Logical Interfaces

  • Data flow between applications and system software
  • Software usage by location
  • Business process software layer
  • Web site structure diagrams
  • Software infrastructure dependency



  • Software application inventory

  • System software inventory

  • Software component inventory

  • Component usage by application and system software

  • System, web and application software usage by organizations

  • System, web and application software usage by business processes and tasks

  • Competencies required by System, web and application software

  • Knowledge managed by software

  • Databases managed by software

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