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nDyn has been providing business and technical consulting services since 1995.  Its focus has been on understanding enterprise operations and managing risk in the face of change. Projects have centered on customers transforming the way they operate.  Typical projects in our groups background include:

  • Deployment of technology to support Agile Manufacturing operations

  • DARPA funded research on Process Tools for Agile Manufacturing

  • Transforming Business Processes for Evolving financial Products

  • Analyzing Business Dependencies on Technology (Y2K Vulnerability) 

  • Analyzing Product Delivery and Customer Relationship Processes

In 1998 nDyn shifted its focus to developing methods and tools to assist our customers in transforming the way they do business.  Our cumulative knowledge of modeling technologies and their application to real world business problems lead us to develop the Knowledge Nexus and Business Architect . 

The principal's background in providing methods and tools for managing the development of complex systems including people, machines, computers, software, and communications is the foundation for nDyn's products.  They bring, for the first time, methods and tools of the discipline of system engineering to the management and implementation of business transformation programs. 

Ongoing change in response to knowledge acquired as an organization operates is the mark of an intelligent organization. nDyn provides its customers with methods and tools to understand their business, to capture knowledge of their operations, to improve its operational performance, and to increase their aggregate organizational intelligence.  The business transformation methods and tools provided by nDyn seek to increase our customers capacity to change to enable strategic alignment, and to increase their organizational intelligence.  

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